Mineral Ridge Scenic Trail

Mineral Ridge Scenic Trail

The Mineral Ridge Scenic trail is among the most spectacular areas around the lake, and it's a good way to enjoy Lake Coeur d'Alene without needing to get your toes wet. For 3.3 miles, the roving trail takes hikers on a rising passage that eventually lands on an overlook point hovering 700 feet above the lake. Climbers are rewarded for their efforts with spectacular views that simply cannot be enjoyed as well from any other vantage point.

The CDA forest is part of the trio of sustainable timber lands that forms the Idaho panhandle. Through the forests, you'll take a gentle climb up Mineral Ridge amid pine needle perfumes with plenty of birds and wildlife to keep you company. This is more than just a hike, though. Mineral ridge has lessons to teach about its unique forestry and mining past, so take a brochure along, or better: a guide. The brave can even venture into the abandoned mine that ends the short westward trail and hunt for ghosts from its past.

For more information visit the Bureau of Land Management's website.

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