Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Boat Rentals on Lake Coeur d'Alene

Things to consider when renting a boat on Lake CDA

Key considerations in choice of watercraft include size of your party, boat stability, and intended use. Always inquire about weight and person capacity ratings, and if you would like to enjoy pull-behind sports, be sure to ask how the boat performs with the number of people you expect to have on board. After reading below, visit our Coeur d'Alene boat rentals page to find an extensive listing of local boat rental service providers.

Pontoon boats are surging in popularity on Lake Coeur d'Alene as manufacturers have incorporated enhanced design features that allow pontoon boaters to ski, tube, and get from point A to point B much faster than they would have on a pontoon twenty years ago. Pontoons on Lake CDA commonly range from 18' to 26' with 9 to 16 person capacity. Newer performance models may be equipped with 150 HP to 250 HP engines capable of 30 to 45+ MPH.

Runabouts are small to medium sized powerboats ranging from 16' to 24' and include models like ski boats, bow riders and cuddy boats.  Capacity generally ranges from six to 11 persons, and these boats are often equipped with sufficient power for pull-behind sports like tubing and skiing. These boats are often a fun and affordable way to enjoy the lake however smaller models may not handle well in choppy waters caused by weather and boat traffic.

Wakeboard boats are highly specialized to create a huge wake and range from 21' to 24' with 8 to 16 person capacity. Many water sports boat manufacturers have developed systems to further enhance the shape of the wakes their boats create. These devices often help to lower the stern of the boat, which creates a larger wake and are very useful when wakesurfing as well. However, the quality and size of the wake is largely a function of the hull design and ballast weight of the boat (thank you Wikipedia).

Water safety, Rules, and Regulations - The best way to have fun on the lake is to be safe and follow the boating rules: Idaho Boating Laws and Handbook and Kootenai County Boating Rules.

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